The Hiking Team of Syros allows visitors to discover the beautiful hidden secrets of the island in the most enjoyable way.

Horse Riding

The Equestrian Club of Cyclades, in Livadia, Hermoupolis, invites visitors to explore the most picturesque paths of the island and enjoy the most relaxing walks in nature.

Boat Tours

From the port of Hermoupolis one can rent a boat and visit the nearby islands of Didymis ,Aspro, and the unspoiled beaches of the island. Boats can also be rented from the picturesque village of Kini or contact with a travel agency in Syros.


For those who love to exercise, cycling is an ideal choice for their transportation on the island.  Rent a bicycle of your choice from various shops and discover the beauty of this island in the most comfortable and entertaining way.

Scuba diving

The submarine landscape of the island consists of variety of marine life, shipwrecks, reefs and caves that will surely impress the lovers of the sea. There are three diving schools for beginners and advanced divers as well as sailing equipment, Giving you the opportunity to explore the magical world of the endless blue.


Syros is a favorite destination for fishing enthusiasts, as it offers many fishing spots with a wide variety of fish depending on the season. There are several shops where you can buy the necessary fishing gear such as the  Fishing Point in Hermoupolis.